Thought for the Day #1


It is the morning of another day…
Well, it is where I am;
Where you are it may be the afternoon,
The evening
Or the night.
GMT or BST for me
You can be in front
Or behind
Or alongside of me
But, I suppose if you are in the same Latitude (or is it Longitude)
As me, you could be in a different time zone (that is, if you are not using BST).
It’s like Stalactites and Stalagmites, I get the two confused… Don’t you?
And when Port used to be Larboard
I would surely have got Larboard mixed up with Starboard – though here’s a clue ‘Port’ has four letters as does ‘Left’ so that helps… unless you get left and right mixed up).
Also, Stalagtites hang down like tights, with the Stalagmites growing up ‘might they achieve the heights?’.

I do hope that this stream of thought upon a Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon, Sunday evening, Saturday night, other, may have been / be of use.

Take care and travel time safely.



PS For ‘Latitude’ think ‘Laterally’


2 responses to “Thought for the Day #1

  1. Stalactites and stalagmites – tip for remembering:

    Tites go down 🙂

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