Finger Buffet!


A ‘Finger Buffet!’
With real fingers!
Paper plates
My plates of meat
(My feet)
Got me out of there
Quicker than you could say
‘Peter Piper sold seashells whilst picking a peck of pickled pepper on the sea shore!’


5 responses to “Finger Buffet!

  1. Eeeee they look creepy! 😂😧😂

  2. These are cool. I’ll have to find the recipe to make them for the kids for Halloween. They will love them.

    • I just searched for ‘real finger buffet’ to get a picture – you can probably get a recipe as easily. G:) you may have to have a ‘thumb’ one, too – and serve them in fives. G:)

  3. Oh yes. 🌸🎸🎵 I will be sure to bake some awesthumb, finger-licking-good cookies for my little monsters….And we will save you a bit of finger-food to enjoy as well!
    It is sure to be a thummy treat 🌸☺🎵🎸💕

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