Ode to a Pen Day


Ode to a Pen Day

Oh, pen day
Come one, come all
From wherever you hail
Comme ci, Comme ća
See what you like
This or that
And put the world to writes
Bicause you can
By row or column
Stem the tide
And maybe create a new Gollum
On the side;
Free nibbles and liquid inks
To make your ideas flow
And to help the muse that thinks
That in the beginning was the word
And that was in Genesis
And ‘ “Paper mate!” cried a voice from the crowd.’
And that was almost Genesis, too.

But, whatever your writing implement of choice
You choose to give your thoughts a voice
You have to…
Oh, pen your mind
To find
What is there hidden written within you.


One response to “Ode to a Pen Day

  1. Oh, pen in spires
    my thoughts
    writ thoughtfully
    piercing through the blueness
    to the stars.

    Thank you, Graeme. This Oh, Pen Day shall be dedicated to you.

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