The Missing Lynx


The Missing Lynx

“Is that you, mother?
You went away and left me.
Have you returned?”

The recordings of the Lynx’s mother
Continued to be played into the night.

“Mother, why are you telling me
The same things you did
When I asked you about
The birds and the bees
The water and trees
The hunter and the fleas?
And why do you repeat the same things over and over again?
Something is not right;
You left that night
And I knew you were gone
And not coming back.
I an coping with that lack;
But, the humans are stupid
And I just wanted to run
So I took my chances
And freedom began.
I ran. And I ran. A long way indeed
Just stopping to sleep
And stopping to feed.
And now I hear your voice
And I have a choice;
To run towards the voice that I needed
Or, heed my feelings,
And run to the hills,
Away from the humans
And away from their ills.”

The Lynx turned and ran
Away from the sound
Of his mother, now gone
And he sought to confound
The humans that sent out the voice
Of the mother
To the son.


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