Lame & Limp Limericks for 13th September, 2014

I must admit that very few people saw these Limericks the first time round. Sons of them are quite funny IMO. G:)

Graeme Sandford

Lame 1and 1 editLimp 1LimerickS

Welcome to Limericks – Day 12

We’ve had to take some from the shelve

We know that was wrong

It’s where they belong

And it’s from the shelf, not the shelve, we did delve!


As you can see we are no good at dates

It’s the thirteenth! We asked all our mates

Some did concur – “Yes, the 12th”

Others did blur “It’s probably, almost, quite likely the 12th)

But it ‘is‘ the 13th – as our calendar states!


The word of the day is… ‘bizarre!’

The wackiest, weirdest word by ‘so far’

It’s frenzied and whirly

frothy and curly

and drips pure bling and eats caviar.


It’s hard to ignore a Nora

If you do they may give you what for a

And, you never know,

If you pass £200, and don’t collect – Go!

You and she may end up the poorer.

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2 responses to “Lame & Limp Limericks for 13th September, 2014

  1. I like the Venice one, I live there, but not the Italian one, the Florida one, gonna rain, but no flooding and my loo is just fine, thank youuuu 🙂

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