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The Builders are in (a Stream of Unconsciousness)


If I build with words
What sort of edifice could I create?
Would my construct be believable?
My credibility be retrievable if a false façade was fashioned?
Or am I inevitably going to build upon a foundation akin to a swamp?
Would the contents be immense
Or would there be a sense
Of pretence?

When done and my travails all finished that I had begun…

Would a shed be ashaméd?
A gazebo have to go?
A lean-to try to, mean to, but fail to amuse with it’s shadowlands views?
A conservative conservatory need another story?
And its basement need replacement?
And if my floors and walls, Windows and ceiling
Were to be put on view,
Revealing their inadequacies;
Failing to please,
Perhaps I should have stuck to a simple tree-dwellin
Rather than to be consigned to history
As a mystery
Needing felling.

Some Words and Sum Symbols


More than this
Less than that

equals (=)

Mathematically speaking

> this
< that

But what does it all + up to?

I haven’t a clue.

The ‘ordinary’ word


Is the ‘ordinary’ word
Enough for me?
If ‘so’ would you still agree
When something ‘less’ than perfection is heard?

1066 – the year of 3 kings.


1066 and all that

You may have missed this news item
But, 950 years ago this year
The Normans arrived and defeated the Anglo-Saxon forces under their king, Harold.

Tim and Julia watched Time Team
Because they really dug Mick Aston And Phil
Digging trenches in East Cheam;
On The History Channel,
They’re probably digging them still.

Alfred was great at burning the cake
Hereward was awake to the possibilities
Ethelred was always unready
Edward the Confessor was not much of a professor
And when ‘he’ died things were a little unsteady.

Harold Godwinson fought the Danes
At Stamford Bridge
Which is not near Staines
He won perchance
Then had to rush back to Hastings for battle
With William from Normandy, France.

The battle ebbed and flowed until an arrow flue true from a Norman bow into the English king

(Add music here Am / F)

“That’s one in the eye for Harold
And William’s made another conquest.”

(C / G)


1066, 1066, the year of three kings
1066, 1066, the year of three kings.

1936 is the other year of three kings
In Britain

The Ruff (a ruff draft)


The Ruff (a ruff draft)

One ruff is surely never enough!

How can it be

A man should have at least two, or maybe even three.

And, by man losing the dignity that a ruff would afford,

(If he could afford a ruff that is)

Man,without a ruff around the neck,

Has become a little ruff around the edges.

A long time away (in the ‘very’ distant furniture)


Future Furniture

I’m looking forward to the furniture!

The furniture? Don’t you mean the future?

Okay. I’m looking forward to the furniture of the future.

Wow, but ironically; like an open wound needs a suture.

How? Apart from phonically, does that expression suit your face?

Being ‘wrong rhyme, wrong place?’

No. Just being wrong in the very first place!

A perfect rhyme, you clever goose;
Pray tell how ‘you’ did avoid the noose.

They sought me here
They sought me there

You wished you’d worn clean underwear?

Haha, you fool, you loon, you win
I must leave off when you-


I shall. Is there no future in the future?

Now there is a question
That hinders digestion.

Randomly Writ

A year on and nothing much changed. G:)

Graeme Sandford


And ‘Stupid’ is with me



I ‘am’ the living embodiment

of stupidity.

I know, I shouldn’t be a boaster

Shouldn’t stick knives in toasters;

Shouldn’t set fire to lofts

Or leave spoons In microwaves;

And a stitch in time saves

The jeans that rip after I bleached them

I thought they’d be all white

I thought they”d be alright

But, they weren’t

And I wasn’t;

And so much more

That I am sure

You’ll agree

With me

That I am with ‘Stupidity!’

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¿Witches more?


Audience Member: Which witch is which?
Witch 2: Well you may ask.
AM: I ‘am’ asking!
W2 (to W1): Oh, well which one are you?
W1: Yes. That’s right.
W2: Sorry?
W1: I am which one.
W2: That was what I was asking. Which one are you?
W1: I. Am. Witch. One!
W2: O. Kay. (turning to Witch 3): And which one are you?
W3: No, she’s Witch One, I’m Witch Three.
W2: O. Kay. (to Witch One): ‘You’ are Witch One?
Witch One: Yes.
Witch Two (to Witch Three): ‘You’ are Witch Three?
Witch Three: Yes.
Witch Two: And ‘I’ am…
Witches One and Three: A right royal pain in the jacksie!
Witch Two: Ladies! Would you mind your language, there are chickens present.
Witches One and Three: Children!
Witch Two: What! Ever!
Witch Three (to audience member): Aren’t you glad you asked?

Witch One: And now! In Spanish!

Witches All: ¿Cuando vamos a conocer a tres de nuevo?

Witches One and three: iPaella!

Witch Two (sighing): Manaña.

The Witches One and Three cackle manically.

I stopped for a moment


And, for a while, I stopped;
Breathed. Relaxed. Unwound.
But, tiredness will creep up upon a man;
And, if it catches him unawares
He, and it, will seek conjunction
And task will be left.
So, move I did
And resumed the path of toil.

A Goldfish Mentality and a Squirrel- where!!


A Ewe in the Mist

“Where have you been?