Monthly Archives: June 2016

To Read or Not To Read?


I bought a book today
Do I need it?
Or, a better question:
Will I read it?
Have I the need to read?
Is it just a passion that I have?
To purchase the pages
That now take me ages
To traverse
As my eyesight gets worse
As my interest in squinting diminishes
Does every book that I buy
Applaud me as it finishes
Being read from cover to cover
Or is it just pleased that its
Travail is over.

A Stream of Consciousness Flowed By…


I’m ‘On The Road’ to recovery
I just need my Jack Kerouac back
It’s a journey of discovery
And I’m filling up on what I do lack
On and on I go
To where I do not know
Back and forth
To and fro
From Here To Eternity
From the past to ultra modernity
And where I am is where I was going to be
And where I shall be from
The moment that this moment has gone.

Pastie, Pasty, Calzone or Anti-Pasti?



The men who delivered my Chili-Pea and Plum pasty were happy to pose for a photo – thanks, guys.

I may have been rather hasty
In buying a pasty;
I’d hoped it would be tasty
But, now I am anti-pasti
The pastie was nasty
The selection had been vast
Even though a pasty is a pasty
Unless it’s a pastie
It’s a Devon vs Cornwall thing
Where one is eaten with pepper and salt seasoning
Whilst the other has salt and pepper –
You know the kind of thing.

Well, they seem to have created
Some various new flavours
That, as combinations, I think are well overrated
And bring only shame
To the pasty / pastie name.

“So!” I said to myself
“From now on,
I shall forgo all types of Calzone,
And avoid the Chili-Pea and Plum pasty
Which gave my tummy the nasties;
Which is not what you want for your health!

Spicy food, you are not for me
I shall shun thy invasive repartee
And eat of the blandest
Of foods for my tea.

If I don’t
Please, Stomach, take pity on me.”



Which is reverse CDO (as CDO is more organised OCD)
And more pleasing to the eye
Than OMG
To one like me.

At the Art House…


Support your local Art House
And, if you have them,
Your Tart House,
Your Cart House,
And your Finnish Andstart House;
They need your support
For without you

What do you mean you haven’t got an Art House?
That there is only a Vape Shop
Where you used to stop
For Coffee and Cake
And a chat, and to take
The weight off your feet;
Where the people you’d meet
Would be happy to see you;
A place where you could be you;
A place that you thought
Would last forever…

… that is sad…

…to lose one of the best friends you ever had…

If only you had done a little more
When it was there…

Words. Just Words.


Possession is…
9/10ths of being possessed
With the other 1/10th added.

This you cannot deny
This you shouldn’t try
Neither to be possessed
Or to possess the unpossessed.

But, and here is a warning,
Always expect the unexpected
And doing so
You will then know
That anything else that happens
Is just coincidental.

Titian was no mathematician


Titian was no mathematician!
I can safely say that
As he has long been relegated to the long dead division
And Monet and Manet
Had very little money
And neither is funny
Any more
Since their humours
Have been subject
To decay for decades
And their actual individual personality fades
To be honest
Who can say
That they
Went to school with any of them?
I know I didn’t
And I am ancient.