Poetry Please Sketch – John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme


I love this. JF is a great writer and has some superb sketches on his programme. G:)


From John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme Series 4, Episode 3 available on the BBC radio iplayer (at 09:30 on download)

Poetry Please Sketch

Much have I travelled in the realms of gold
My love is like a red, red rose
My heart leaps up when I behold
The Dong with the luminous nose.

They also serve who only stand and wait
So was it when my life began
I am the master of my fate
I am Popeye the sailor man.

I wandered lonely as a cloud
That drops upon the place beneath
My head is bloody but unbowed
I wish I’d looked after my teeth.

My name is Ozymandias, King of kings
So in my earthly house I am
I know why the caged bird sings
I do not like green eggs and ham.

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