The Cloud (Revisited)


Lonely, I Wandered…

One year on…

And one year gone
Never to return.
When will I ever learn
That there is only a limited amount of sky
And, by and by,
The other clouds float by
And leave me high and dry
Or sometimes I become filled with tears
Over (and above) all the years
That I have been
Travelling forwards
And, now, looking back
I sense that the Earth has become less than it was
Or I am higher
Or the Earth lower.
How can that be?
I know not,
As I am just a simple cloud you see…
But, then again, you ‘don’t’
Do you?

2 responses to “The Cloud (Revisited)

  1. Excellent G man, excellent. I see you cloud above, changing shape, perhaps a chameleon instead….but clouds are lovely🌤☁️🌧🌦⛈🌩🌥🌨although they block the stars, of which you get five⭐️🌟💫✨⭐️

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