Tawdry Audrey Awdry


‘Tawdry Audrey Awdry’

The Reverent Awdry
Had a daughter, Audrey;
Audrey Awdry.

She was, you might say,
If you knew her,
A tad tawdry.

When she grew up she decided to change her name
As one would
If one was named Audrey Awdry.
And was called Tawdrey Audrey Awdry
Or T.A.A. for short.

She ummed and she aaahed
About what name she would choose
Before deciding upon the name Jessica
Little thinking that she would in time be called ‘Messy Jessie’
And when she met the man of her dreams…
It was only fate that he was named…

Laurence Hennesey

Thus giving rise to ‘Messy Jessie He-nessy!’

But, she was older
And had a good man by her side
And was able to live a long and happy life
With her husband and their daughter, Vanessa.

And so it began again.


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