Crossing the Lane…


Whenever she used to cross that lane, she became the girl with ideas in her head. Not your ‘usual’ stream of ideas along the lines of ‘What shall I do tonight?’, ‘Did I turn the gas off’ or the like. No, these were ideas about fantasy worlds, and people that lived in a flurry of stars and glitter. There were adventures, and adventurers to go on them (taking her with them) and sometimes she, herself, was a mighty elf queen in glistening samite.
She would lose herself for that hour in these imaginings.

Sadly, she had to recross that line, go back to her desk in the offices of Dyall and Borein to earn the crusts that fed her and watered her.

One day she would cross the lane and not come back.

Maybe tomorrow.


NB this was written from the prompt:

‘Whenever she used to cross that lane’

by ssunshine14 who can be found at

pop along and see what is happening there.


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