In the Writing Class

In the Writing Class

Student: Do I use ‘either’ or ‘either’ when I write?

Teacher: Either.

Student: Thank you.

Teacher: Or ‘either’ it makes no difference.

Student: It may make no difference but they are pronounced differently. There are two ways of pronouncing the word.

Teacher: I know there are two ways to pronounce it, but only one way to actually write it. You just write e, i, t, h, e, and r and then you leave the reader to hear it the way that they want to.

Student: You mean that some readers will read ‘either’ and others will read ‘either’?

Teacher: That is correct.

Student: So… Which one should I use?

Teacher: Neither… or neither!


NB this may not work as well (or it may work better) when read aloud with one or two people playing the characters. I just thought that I would issue this disclaimer here. G:)


4 responses to “In the Writing Class

  1. Haha, this one is clever. Very clever, indeed.

  2. You can find the link on every page of the site 🙂

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