Ham and Cheese


Vegan ‘am an’ chiz!

In or Out?

There is no ‘In’.

So ‘Out’ then.

There is no ‘Out’.

So, there is…? Up? Down?

No! And ‘No.’

Which leaves…?

Or doesn’t leave…

Existing or…


That is the question?

It is.

Is it?

Yes. It is ‘the’ question.

I see. And is it nobler…


To take arms…




Shall I just get myself to a nunnery, then.

Don’t be silly.


3 responses to “Ham and Cheese

  1. now that looks tasty, haven’t had ham in ages…too much salt…hubby won’t let me…sigh….

    • Vegan Ham (not called ham maybe) and Vegan Cheese which means that it probably looks better than it tastes. Thank you for reading all my words. G:)

      • I’ve been ignoring my reading the last few days, been out kayaking,etc….busy times and then I get home and it’s nap time. Vegan or otherwise…looks yummy 🙂

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