Al the Author (


He’s Al the Author
But, he is ‘not’ Al the cove
Nor Al the Fresco.
Who hails from Hove
And shops at Tesco.

He’s not Al the Dente
Not a dentist is Al
So don’t make an appointment
When tooth hurty
With him
At 2:30 he is not available to fix your crown
And he’s not Al CoPops down with the kids
And he’s not Al down the gym.
If you think he is
I say:”No! That’s not him!”

He’s Al the Author
Writer of stuff
And if you say that he’s not
Watch out

Because, even though he’s not Al the Capone,
He looks tough.


PS also to be found at

where his words say things.



And you thought Al was short for Al…

17 responses to “Al the Author (

  1. Thank you! I’ll have to update that restraining order… (although people might find me more easily at …. I can’t stand those Al-A-stair’s, with their surplus of “A’s”)

  2. Reblogged this on A Certain Point of View and commented:
    Graeme has written a poem all about me… “Al the Author, writer of stuff”.

    I, of course, love it. If anyone’s struggling for inspiration for a poem, can I suggest that everyone just writes about me, me, me from now on?

  3. Who is this Mimi?

  4. Brilliant! He’s not Al-batross either… just thinking out loud, sorry…

  5. Glad I found this via Al’s blog!! What a lovely idea a bit of poetic banter.. I like that a lot. 🙂

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