The Poets Have Taken Over the Asylum!


The poets are taking over the asylum
No, seriously, they are.

There is a man in the corner writing Haiku
In French
Even though he only speaks Dutch
And only writes in Swedish

Huddled near the samovar
Are a group of collaborators
Collaborating on a couplet;
They have almost decided upon the first word
But, now they stand in silence
As a mal détente has occurred
This will be the third
In a fortnight.

And things are not right
Elsewhere upon the ward
The sword of Damocles
Hangs over the cover for the next issue
Of the Asylum Poets’ internal poetry magazine
This will be the first
Which will be a first
If it happens
But, as they can’t decide upon a cover
The production may be over
Before it has begun
And as for completed poems for the issue
They have none
As submissions have not been sought
Or paper bought
Or ideas brought
To the table.

Less able
Though seemingly hard at it
Is Gerald upon the table
(a different table)
Whose epic translation of Gil-Galad
From the original Welsh
Is progressing slowly.
He had, it transpires,
Hold of a copy
That was in no way
Pertaining from Wales
But, was, in fact a copy of the Japanese Highway Code
In Ode format.
And that is that.
Or not, as the nutcase may be.


4 responses to “The Poets Have Taken Over the Asylum!

  1. It slightly scares me that every word of this makes sense to me

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