An Epitaph for Taff’s Epic Pen.


A friend of mine, Welsh by accident of descent, has recently had a major stationery writing implement disaster. His long-term pen of choice for his Welsh-orientated writing has just given up the ghost after 13 years of loyal service.

He has asked me to write an epitaph to eulogise his pen.

I have written a poem entitled

An Epitaph for Taff’s Epic-Pen

For a laugh
Spent a note
A tenner
To buy himself
An epic pen
A real one for writing with
Not a Biro or a Bic
But, one with which he could write his epic.

And, through thick and thin;
Times of writing plenty
And when writing times were lean
He always had his trusty pen.

Fill it, he did,
With ink,
And at the renewed flow of words
He’d give his pen a nod
A wink.

But, there came a day
When new nibs
Or cartridges
Did not end okay.

Corrosion of the insides
Had rotted the core
Of a friend
A comrade
An athlete
Taff’s pen.

So, Taff will have to replace
The writing implement so well known
With another
Oh, the bother
Taff did sigh and moan
And also a groan.

So, sadly, Taff did cry ‘Adieu!’
And buried his pen in an unmarked grave
(As writers do)
And having given his pen
One final wave goodbye
He turned and went to Smith’s for to buy…

A replacement


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