Pun Crock!


The pun crock!

That’s me.
Ancient as can be
And forty years ago
The muse of the music
Was all that I did know.
Apathy in the UK
Is now the order of the day
But, then…
It was London calling
And, so I was in the city
Going on the underground
In a right jam.

Even this week I had to buy a rat trap
And so started singing the song

It must be wrong
That the sound of the suburbs
Is now muted
I don’t belong to the past
But the memories are there within me
Buzzcocks, Siouxie and the Banshees
The Ruts, The Boys, The Flys, et al
Pun Crock, I am
I was
And how.


2 responses to “Pun Crock!

  1. That sounds about right 🙂 x

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