Taking Man’s ‘Best Friend’ to Land’s End – 20-05-2016

This has the pictures that the first posting didn’t have – not much WiFi available this far South and West. G:)

Graeme Sandford

image Haiku and Jane

Today, we say, that we are taking man’s best friend to Land’s End.

The weather is not of the best; we should have thought to invest in some ‘proper’ rainwear.


How far away from here are you?

Land’s End
(Or, due to a farcical sign-writing error ‘L’nads End’).

Cool and breezy
Livin’ is easy
On the coast;
We are the most.
Picture of the post
And how far are you away from here?
We are ever so near;
You are all over the world
And your flags fly unfurled
As you live your lives.
We are not too far from St Ives
Which is by the by
And by the way
It is also
By the bay.

image And a Land’s End Coffee as a reward!

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