An Ode to Odin


Ode to Odin

Odin: A Norse God
Not a horse God
Who rode in the Grand Notional race of way back beyond

The scandal of Scandalnavia
Was that Odin strode in
To a Norwegian bar one day
And refused to be anybody’s punchline.

This went down badly
In history
And was looked upon as bad etiquette in anyone’s book
Never mind someone’s book
That was as reliable
As the Holy Viable –
A tale of this and that
And the other
Things that books are writted about –

We doubt the veracity of this.
On to the Ode

Oh, Odin,
God of Thunder and Lightning
Very very frightening you were
And noisy.
Oh, din indeed you made
And though, in time,
That din would fade
You would be prayed to
And worshiped in
Varying quantities
Sometimes less
Sometimes more
But, alas, you have never been
Able to become more than fable.
Oh, Odin, you cannot win
When you are in
Disagreement with in society
Or, at least, the Norse Abatement Society.
What oh, Odin!


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