Bardly Writ: the book!


It’s on its way, forsooth! Gadzooks and ‘Hail fellow, well met!’

The book you’ve all been waiting for – well, I know I have – is heading thy way. Currently in pre-post-pre-production editing and the like. Bardly Writ is a collection of poetry, prose and dialogues (all mine, though thanks must go to Him) within a book format-type thing. Wherein I catch the conscience of the thing. Enough said



exit stage left, pursued by bears.


and, as usual I forget to thank the one without whom none of this would have been possible – Jane, my everyting! In fact, I didn’t know about the book until two days ago.  She has put mega effort into this ‘surprise birthday present’ project and is my all: editor, proofreader, designer, journalistic advisor and constant compie – I loves her so. G:)


28 responses to “Bardly Writ: the book!

  1. Yes! I’m excited for you! Congratulations!

  2. You’re welcome 😉 x

  3. Actually, I slipped one of mine in there, too 🙂 x

  4. This looks pretty amazing G!!!!

  5. New comments so far:
    ‘Bardly Writ: Barely Written!’ The Financial Times.

    ‘Bardly Writ: ‘Badly Written!’ The People’s Friend.

    ‘Bardly Writ: Bored with it!’ Punt aspic Weekly.

    ‘Bradly Hewitt? Will? Will it never end? The Occupational Health Guide monthly.

  6. “From Bard to Verse? Not here!” Grumpy Daily

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