Shakespeare’s Dead

Shakespeare’s Dead


Shakespeare’s dead!
That’s what the headline said.
I never knew!
The news didn’t get through;
I missed it somehow,
And have only just found out now.
How it happened, I haven’t a clue
I never even heard that he was unwell,
Even though I can tell a hawk from a handsaw;
But, if someone had mentioned it
I’m sure that I would have recalled
The death of the Bard
You can’t just discard knowledge of that import
He was quite famous it seems, a literary sort
A writer of plays…
The thing is…
I’ve been busy as of late
Lots to do, or not to do,
As the case may be
And when I get involved in a project
Well… I forget all about things
And although the messenger pigeon brings tidings oft
I am confinéd deep and high in my writing loft, aloft;
Wherein I do keep from dusk to dawn
And sleep from dawn to dusk-
Or the other way abouts
I am never sure which
I have my doubts that I ever know the time
And consequently struggle therefore with finding an appropriate… ah… um…
… word?


One response to “Shakespeare’s Dead

  1. Spoilers! I’d been saving his books to read through Netflix…

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