‘Party Limericks!’


Party Limerick #1

If I write you a Limerick about a party
And it’s good I will feel such a smarty
But, if it’s not
And the party is grot
Then I may just have to go back to the starty.

Party Limerick #2

A party once held in East Finchley
Was never mentioned in Limericks
I wonder why
Maybe it’s because
East Finchley is not that easy to rhyme.

Party Limerick #3

The cake and the jelly were flowing
The music showed no sign of slowing
But, then, the worst
The big bubble burst
And the politicians denied what they were knowing.


Party Limerick #5a and #5b and #5c (parts 1&2) and #5d

I’m on the party line listening to your conversation
The year is nineteen seventy one in this nation
I was calling my girl
Now my head’s in a whirl
As I struggle to comprehend your elation

You had a cake and some jelly
Watched the black and white telly
Played games
Kissed James
But, not Nigel, because he is smelly

I’m Nigel and at your party I had some cake
Sang ‘Happy Bugday’ and stepped on a rake
Fell into your pond
And of you, I was fond
But, I think that I made a mistake
By spraying myself with Mum’s perfume
From a bottle I found in her room
Channel no.5 it did say
So I did gleefully spray
The whole of myself – thus my doom

Is to be thought of as a smell and to annoy
Whose reeking was not greeted with joy
That’s why outside
I was seeking to hide
Until I floated in your pond like a buoy


3 responses to “‘Party Limericks!’

  1. A peculiar man cried “pinch me”
    For it’s Christmas and I’m feeling all Grinchy
    I haven’t cracked a smile
    In a good long while
    But apparently that’s normal for Finchley

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