My Epic Story


My Epic Story

How ‘Epic’ is ‘Epic’? Are we talking about God? Creation? And all that stuff? Or is it more ‘Epic’ even than that?

Epic for some is piffle for others and vice versa (in that somebody’s ‘piffle’ is somebody else’s ‘Epic’.

What we have to consider is whom (or who) it is that is writing this.

Well, it is I. And I am no God-Creator being. I am just a lowly writer of words.

So, it’s up to me to choose the viewpoint of Epicity from the position of me or from my created character or characters’ position in their little life or lives.

This is not quite your ‘In the beginning was the word’ sort of Epic is it?


So, let me start with the story.

At the very beginning.

At the very beginning there was nothing.

Then there was the Purchase. Paper was purchased – and a pen. A good pen, A pen that was good for writing with. A pen that fitted the hand of the writer like a glove – although writing with a glove on is not that highly recommended.

The pen was chosen with a large amount of selection. Involving trying and discarding other, lesser, pens until ‘the’ pen was found, considered, and finally decided upon and purchased. The paper was more easily chosen. It had to be A4 in size and at least 90GSM. No lines. Ha! I jest. Of course it had to have lines, otherwise it would have led to disaster.

Pen and paper then required a surface for writing upon. A tabletop of a specific height was found just where one should be located – in the local hostelry. Sadly, the stereo was playing some ambivalent semi-hard rock music of an undetermined lineage. But, that could be phased out once the writing had begun in earnest.

Temperature is not always considered to be important when writing. I find that about 18 degrees centigrade is my optimum. Too hot or too cold and I start breaking furniture in a Goldilocks sort of way.

Plus or minus 2 degrees is bearable.

When jacket is removed and baggy sleeves are jettisoned, the writing can begin.

How to start? What first word to choose? Shall I set the scene or burst in with the action? Shall I be really ‘Epic’ or will it be ‘Once upon a time…’?

I know, I shall procrastinate for a while and really start the story two or three pages in – discarding the waffle and going for the jugular.

The clock ticked once. Then stopped as time was held in abeyance by the mighty hand of the Lord.

Work is to commence, now!”


2 responses to “My Epic Story

  1. Reblogged this on The Write Stuff and commented:

    From this week’s meeting – and written just before it in about 15 minutes (give or take) I give you this. G:)

  2. Fuck this was long, anyways you certainly are epic

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