You’re So Pusillanimous – A Song.


You’re So Pusillanimous (A song)

I’m talking about you!
You! You weak-knees gallumph;
Seeker of stones to crawl under;
Hider from the realities of the ‘real’ world.
You, with your shaking and your quavering –
You are ‘so’ pusillanimous that it hurts
It hurts to speak up
To cry out for your rights
(Not that you concede that you have any)
And how timid do you have to be before they give you the nickname ‘Timid Tim’ even though your name is not Tim
And, boy, are you dim
(That was a statement, not a question)
When even your suggestion of being a man
Is put into doubt when, if you can,
Even think about considering the possibility of self worth
You are more Harry
Than ‘salt’ of the Earth.
What a shy fly you are
When wee sleekit cow’rin’ tim’rous, beasties
Bully you.
So, bully for you in no way at all
You wobbly jelly of a ‘man’
Do something
One thing
(If you can)
And end this

PS The idea that this is a song is ironic in itself. It could be made into one – but, methinks it would not be brave enough to venture into the light of day. G:)


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