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#NaPoWriMo – Day 26: An Ode to April Itself.


An Ode to the Month of April

April’s thirty days hath taken their toll
And I have no current desires to extol the month itself
But, I feel that I must
That I do await the coming of May
With little or no trepidation
May asks of me little or no expectation
And I have a feeling that come what may
I shall say a thank you to April
Whan that Aprille (with its showers sweet)
Hath departed into the charted past.
I know that these months are sent to last
Just four weeks or a little more
But, I have the feeling
That my poetic tour of duty
Has been left revealing once more.
Oh, April, it means nothing to me
Yet, everything to me, it is
And will soon be, everything that was.

#NaPoWriMo – Day 25: ‘Beige’ is Colourist!


Beige is all the rage
And puce is spruce
Your life is so colourful
That you are soaring up the charts
It’s a dun deal
And you’ll get a tan
If you stand out in the sun
A wholemeal, real deal
Oatmeal sort of person
And a blander plan
Than yours
Is an also-ran.

6-Word Story #2 – Jim?


“Jim! Jim? What became of him?”

#NaPoWriMo or Rhymo! Day 24



When you have need of a rhyme
But, you don’t have the time
Use new improved ‘Rhymo!’
It’s cheaper than oven-baked Fimo
Lasts longer (and is twenty times stronger)
Than a box of popcorn at a showing of Finding Nemo;
It can be used safely by under 25s
And over 25s just the same –
It could be considered a game;
If it had a less prestigious name.
And that name is ‘Rhymo!’
Guaranteed to work every time-o
And it’s no crime-o
It’s actually quite sublime-o

Lol G:)

Enigma Within Reach

From my other site – forgotten it was. G:)



Surfing on a wave of apathy
Swimming in the depths of depravity
Crawling up the beach of sympathy
Considering the scope of my gravity
Others despair at my levity
Whilst wishing my works showed more brevity
They know nothing of impeding capacity
Just comment in rage at my rapacity

And does anybody care?

Author’s Note: just a series of words that I fuddled together. Not a planned piece; just came out like this. G:)

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6-Word Stories #1

“Two soups, or not Two Soups?”


#NaPoWriMo – Day 23: The Bard


It’s not hard

to love the Bard

for me now

but in times of yore

i wasn’t sure what Shakespeare was for.

MacBeth at School

saw me a fool

yesterday, today and tomorrow?

But, later, Ron

I saw, anon

the way to read and live;

and now I am the proud owner

of a desire to be like the Bard

it’s not hard…

it’s impossible

I am incomparable.


It’s also WS’s birthday #ShakespeareLives

Graeme Sandford

William I am
William I am not
Now, what was the question?
It’s Wednesday today
Not Friday
But, my day.
Actually it’s tomorrow and all the tomorrows after that
And I was such a hit
A palpable one
My lead casket is where it’s at
And nothing will come from nothing
So I shall say these words trippingly
Off the tongue
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to William
Happy Birthday to me!

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A Shakespearean Monologue (of sorts)

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“All the stage is a world
And all the players merely men.
And women.
(Do they know where to go – in and out?)
And, as we ‘are’ short of actors…
How many?
Just the one?
Well, ‘he’ must be adaptable.
It’s in seven parts you know.
And it’s taken me ages to write all this.
I hope this show is a winner, I do need it to at least wash its face.
What does that mean?
Well, I think that only time will tell.”

A Revised History of the Sixteenth Century

This needed a dust off and today was the day to do it. As we remember Will of Avon or as he he was known to his friends ‘Shaky Will’ – G:)

Graeme Sandford

sixteenth century

v/o Let us enter the TARDIS and return to a page in history

GRAMS: Dr Who music

Let us go back to the very start of the fifteen hundreds – fifteen-oh-nine if you want to be precise.

Part The First (or, He Was Henry the Eighth, He Was)

The miserly king, Henry the Seventh, was dead and his young and handsome son, Henry the Eighth ascended to the throne (as you can see we were going through another succession of Henry kings – similar to the French with their long line of Louis kings – if it hadn’t have been for the French revolution they’d have been up to King Louis the Soixante-Neuf by now).

The money that his father had scrimped and saved allowed the young Henry the Eighth to dabble in the old English pastime of warring with the French… or the Scottish… or both simultaneously. France at…

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