#NaPoWriMo – Day 30: Who can I upset today with my words?


Thirty dayth hath April
May ith thoon upon uth
And where did that month go?

Yes, I know that my use of ‘th’ instead of ‘s’ may not be PC
But, words are only words
Aren’t they?
What I write few read
What I say few hear
And do those few read exactly what I write?
Or hear exactly what I say?
If I wrote and millions read
Or spoke and millions heard
Would I be more careful
And less carefree
In my every written word
Or would I not write at all?
Would I be in fear of my life
At every moment because
I used a word that inflamed an individual’s ire?
Shall I leave that sort of thing to leaders?
Shall I be of the silent majority?
Shall I just be a passive poet
And compare thee to a Summer’s May?

4 responses to “#NaPoWriMo – Day 30: Who can I upset today with my words?

  1. There’s a lot in this one… I, for one, am reflecting. Whether I am reflecting on your exact meaning is one for people cleverer and more philosophically inclined than me!

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