An Occasional Piece


It soon became clear
To all those far and near
That whilst the interviewer
Was interviewing him
The Lord of Dark and Dim
Begin to diss the Lord of Bright and Light
This was done in a subtle underhand way
(If you understand irony, that last sentence was it)
As the Lord of Dark and Dim
Had not one ounce of subtlety within him
He was a subtle as a brick to the bonce
And had the weapon of vitriol for the nonce
Which all goes to prove
That the worst stains you cannot remove
And evil is as evil does
And why is that do you think?
Well, it’s just because
That’s the way the world is writ
With badness and goodness
Forever at odds in their war deep within it.


4 responses to “An Occasional Piece

  1. Good poem… but I can’t hear the word “nonce” without thinking of 70s cop shows…

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