Unlucky – 13-04-2013 by Graeme Sandford

And nobody likes this one either. Sob! x 3 G:(

Graeme Sandford



 Unlucky for some;

Like to strike you dumb;

Comfortably Numb.


Look at that: Black Cat!

Under bus – ker-splattt!

Bakers’ Doz – what’s that?


Friday the Thirteenth,

Templars, it’s curtains,

Century Fourteenth.


Cracks on the pavement

Avoid them like Lent

Walk under ladders

Try to kiss adders

Spilling salt is bad

Sniffing pepper mad

House number missing

Bad neighbour dissing

Upside-down horse shoes

Backing horse to lose

Breaking a Mirror

Then shaving in it

Umbrella inside

Should not open wide

Luck of the Irish

That Luck running out

Only tree fellers

Know what it’s about.

All on Red – it’s Black

Luck, I know, I lack.

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