#NaPoWriMo – Day 13: The Inimitable Limerick and a Haikool


Not My Knit Limerick #1

This is not my Knit Limerick at all
It is absolutely not like it in any way, shape or form
In fact
To use tact
They are quite dissimilar in that my knit Limerick rhymes properly and follows the proper Limerick format.

Knit Limerick #1 proper

To knit is a wondrous thing
When your needles go clickety-cling
And pearl one you go
To a pattern, you know
And knitting compares to you in the Spring.

Knot a Nit Limerick

aka Knot a Nit Haikool

You can knot up a nit with a trick Limerick
If he’s counting the lines just increase ’em
If he’s looking for rhymes don’t include ’em
If he’s looking for sense, make it 50 shades of dense
The sense of ‘that’ will soon elude ‘im
But most of all, make ‘im look a fool
By calling it an ‘aikool’
And tell ‘im they’re great
He should write ’em at rate
And then watch as he tries
It’s like catching mince pies
When you’re blindfolded and nobody throws ’em
So, watch him struggle wiv
Them words, the daft spiv…
And then apologise (who’s the knit, now)
As you read the splendid words wot he just writ
And how.


One response to “#NaPoWriMo – Day 13: The Inimitable Limerick and a Haikool

  1. Consinder my mind boggled 🙂

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