If ‘Splinge!’ is the answer…


If ‘Splinge!’ Is the answer, what is the question?
Does it aid digestion?
Most undoubtedly, not.
Is it cheaper than a cheap-day return?
Well, that depends on where you are going – and if you say “Why, back here, of course!” I shall refrain from pouring scorn upon your corn.
Can you use it to add buoyancy when floating or ballast when sinking?
That is an unlikelihood to most modern ways of thinking?
So many questions, left unanswered
And so many answers left unquestioned
It seems.
There may be a solution
Or a solid train of thought
Or all may vaporise into the ether.
We may never know.
However, if ‘Splinge?’ was the question, what then could be the answer?

And, to increase the permutational possibilities, if we include ‘new added Gribble-Tang’ into the equation…

It all becomes a little ‘too’ surreal.


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