#NaPoWriMo – Day 11: Of the pipers…


#NaPoWriMo – Day 11:

Of the Eleven Pipers…

“Dear true love…
Have you got the pipers that I sent you?
First of all there is McKenzie McHugh
A leader of men in all this Christmas to-do
His second-in-command is a man only known as Mick ‘McWick’ Fen
Tall as a tree and the strongest of men
Under those two we have William Wallace; no, not him
This one’s much shorter and particularly grim
Of the rest we have Duncan McTavish
Beware of his manner he is a little depravish
Then there is Robert the Sluice
Until recently inside; but, now on the loose
The mightiest piper is Montmorency the Third
The pipes at this volume are seldom thus heard
Wee Little Tam O’Shunter is not a tall lad
It’s due to the setbacks at school that he had
Donald Campbell, no flyer of fame
Has three sets of bagpipes at least to his name
(It would be nice if he could hold a tune)
There are a few more, I’ll get to them soon.
Duncan McBeth, my how he can play
He’s all sorts of wide and you can circumnavigate him in just under a day
The penultimate piper is Poor Scott McKenzie (no relation)
He tries and he tries and end up in quite a wee frenzy
Last and quite least is McMurdough the beast
Last to the table; but, first to the feast
Has travelled the world just piping his living
From the West to the East
And his pipes are forgiving
As he blows them with such force
He near bursts their stitches
McMurdough the beast at home in the dankest or darkest of ditches.

These, my true love are yours for the keeping
But, I give you a warning: they’ll keep you from sleeping
And though their tunes be mightily boring
They’ll stop your loud snoring – or at the least drown it out.”


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