A Little Fall of Rain (A Little Less Miserable)


It’s beginning to rain again
And I wish that I was mainly in Spain…
No, let’s be plain;
I wish that I was ‘entirely’ in Spain;
As to have some of me left in the UK
Would probably not be OK
Especially if they were bits that I would need
To carry on my life, indeed
I would rather be here completely in the rain
Than in Madrid rid of some essential limbs or organs
It would drive me mad
Anyway, I have the nose of my dad;
What’s that you say “You have your father’s nose?”
“Yes!” I reply. “I keep it in a wooden box by the bedside, in case there’s a gas leak;
He could smell a left-on burner at a hundred paces.
And, I know it’s not an antique;
But, he never left me his belt & braces.”


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