A ‘C’ Word!


A ‘C’ Word!

The wrong sort of lines on the leaves
Caused the wrong sort of words on the lines
Or were they caused by my using the wrong letters in the wrong order.
Perhaps my choice of words was flawed
I was floored
What a to-do
What to do?
Cochineal wasn’t the word I wanted;
Neither was Cappuccino;
Nor Canapé – a word I ‘never’ use)
It must have been a word similar to those three
But, for the life of me,
What can it be?
Cantilever is hardly likely in my poem of fun
Candour is just not the one
Constabulary just doesn’t fit the bill
And Charcuterie is foreigner still
Charlemagne would have known
But, alas, he is not here to ask
What can I do to achieve my task?
Thesaurus says ‘Coagulate’ and ‘Cogitate’
But those words I hesitate to use
As they are liable to confuse;
So, I shall just mull upon the choice of word
Until the time of Arthur the Third.


2 responses to “A ‘C’ Word!

  1. Congratulations you did certainly a “C” word poem, Cleverly written. Cadence, with my pronounce maybe not very good but this is exactly words cabaret 🙂 Creative but where are the Cats…Anyway, this is not easy what you did dear G, I tried to write a comment with “C” words 🙂 Thanks and Love, nia

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