#NaPoWriMo Day 5: A Serious Poem


Day 5 brings me to write a serious poem with syllables and rhyme scheme and the like. Can I do this? Yes, I can! But, will it be of any worth? Who knows? Day 5: A Serious Poem.

A Serious Poem

And if in the end it all comes to nought
Should we be still proud of the battles we’ve fought?
The times when we tried, but our victory was denied
Against the times when we left our dreams awash on the tide?
Who can say that they have given their best
And has nothing to regret when they are laid out to rest?
Is the one who did nothing and so never failed
Better than the trier whose luck ne’er prevailed?
Live your life and be a part of the scheme
Rather than be apart from the dream.
And when you are buried or burnt at the end
Be so in the knowledge that you had a go, friend.


2 responses to “#NaPoWriMo Day 5: A Serious Poem

  1. A very worthy poem Graeme 🙂

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