April the First – “Spring is in the Air!”

One more of my previous April the 1st posts for #NaPoWriMo. Enjoy G:)

Graeme Sandford



“I wander up the street
With a smile upon my face
A spring in my feet
(Spring is in my feet)
And the smile’s upon my face!”

And so I did indeed travel up that street
And down the next
And along a third
Happy as a lark – which is a happy little bird
Unaware of the series of events
That would not make the slightest sense
If they were to be explained in detail here!

Don’t fear, I shall just skirt around the details
And, if all else fails, talk about something else instead;
Not dwelling upon the terrible happenings that almost,
Very nearly, but not quite… found me dead!

“What?” you say. “Dead? Not alive!” No, not quite dead… I did… in fact…


If I had been but a minute sooner…
Or a minute later…
In my amblings along those dusty streets –
So cheer…

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