April 1 – Prompt – Jabberwocky by Graeme Sandford

A previous April 1st #NaPoWriMo – enjoy. G:)

Graeme Sandford



I cried.

” ‘The’ Jabberwocky? From ‘Alice?’

I  looked at my son with what ‘actually’ amounted to pride.

“Here! In this room – he was smaller than I thought;

And he looked a little like a dinosaur –

Well, more than a Jabberwocky ought!

But, a Jabberwock he said he was –

And they are not known to lie –

Have you ever heard one tell a fib?”

“To tell you the truth – not I.

And was he ‘whiffling’ and did he ‘burble’

And were his ‘eyes of flame’

And did he fill you full of dread

At the mention of his name?

For you have read a thousand times

His story and his ending;

And oft in fiendish nightmare realms

You travel to lands of fear

And torment never-ending.”

“Was brillig and the slithy toves…”

Began my son. once more…

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