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#NaPoWriMo – Day 30: Who can I upset today with my words?


Thirty dayth hath April
May ith thoon upon uth
And where did that month go?

Yes, I know that my use of ‘th’ instead of ‘s’ may not be PC
But, words are only words
Aren’t they?
What I write few read
What I say few hear
And do those few read exactly what I write?
Or hear exactly what I say?
If I wrote and millions read
Or spoke and millions heard
Would I be more careful
And less carefree
In my every written word
Or would I not write at all?
Would I be in fear of my life
At every moment because
I used a word that inflamed an individual’s ire?
Shall I leave that sort of thing to leaders?
Shall I be of the silent majority?
Shall I just be a passive poet
And compare thee to a Summer’s May?

#NaPoWriMo – Day 29: A little dab of Shakey in the night



Day 29

Weather fine

Good to go

Toe the line

I know what I know

Tastes divine

And I go with the flow

(I know which way the wind is blowing)

I stole that line

From Ros and Guil

An offshoot of Hamlet

By Tom Stoppard

Whom I believe is a knight of this realm

And my careful poetry is dead

Which is almost but not quite

From King Lear.

Poor Fool

I am

He was

We are?

No, not plural enough for that.

And the rest is silence.


NB just a random selection of thoughts and phrases, that were initially chosen to rhyme and suit; then became a little more random. But, with Shakespeare at the heart of it all. G:)


Iffy by Graeme Sandford

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Originally posted on Graeme Sandford:
When you are tired And near expired When your brain is a fuddle And your thoughts all a muddle When left and right are barely known And the means to speak you do not own…

Cake (based upon ‘Bike’ by Pink Floyd

Cake (Bike – Pink Floyd)

I’ve got a cake
It’s a very fine cake
It’s got icing
And fillings
And things to make it taste good
I’d give some to you if I could
But I’ve eaten it.

#NaPoWriMo – Day 28 – Your Love Will Come

They that lose love
Must keep with hope
That this loss ends
With love once more.


NB a four letter word is ‘love’. This poem is four lines long with four four-letter words per line. This symmetry is visually best for order in Courier font (which I have not got) G:)

A poem? (3 and 4 to complete this)

Poetry 2

And after that
I’ll wander home
Where that may be
I’ve not a clue.

And all the same
What’s it to you
If I may be
A garden gnome.

A poem? (Part 2)

Poetry 2

And then I’m off
To Stockton Tees
To see a man
About some ale.

A poem?


I wish to go
To Wensley Dale
To see a man
About some Cheese.

#NaPoWriMo – Day 27: An endless stream of Limericks (or a stream of endless Limericks)


There once was a man from Prestatyn
Who had a car he occasionally sat in
The car it was red
It’s fuel mostly lead
But it…

There once was a man from Preatatyn (possibly the same man, probably not)
Who looked good in a trilby of satin
He wore it with pride
With it tipped to one side
And on Wednesdays…
There was a young lady from Prestatyn (who might or might not have known the man or men from the previous Limericks – it’s unlikely to say the least that she would have; but, it’s not impossible)
Who wore her hair long with a plait in
Whilst out in the street
She discovered a fleet

There was an old maiden of Rhyl
Who was perched on a high window sill
And one day when drunk
And the temperature’d sunk

Ode to Psyche


Picture taken from – please pop along.

Ode to Psyche

Oh, flitterflutterer,
Upon a wayward flight
You were once heard to utter:
“I am not a moth!”
And on another occasion when on the wing:
“Fluttery will get you everywhere!”
Oh, Psyche,
You are a funny and a beautiful thing