TWO (yes, just 2) Limericks about Chocolate.


Chocolate Limerick #1

I wanted to write a Limerick ’bout chocolate – just for fun
But, I decided to write it whilst sat in the sun
And before I’d even begun
The words started to run
And I had to throw the whole soggy mess away.

PS actually, I ate it.


Chocolate Limerick #2

There once was a chocolate so dark
That it lived in a tree in the park
It called itself Cyril
But was spied by a squirrel
Which ate it for some topical lark.


Chocolate Limerick #3 (Ha!)


At Easter the Chocolate is lush

And we eat all we can in a rush

From morning ’til night

In this feast we delight

And the results you can see in our tush!


PS ‘Tush’ is another word for our botties


4 responses to “TWO (yes, just 2) Limericks about Chocolate.

  1. Like chocolate, your limericks are very more-ish… more, more!

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