The Ford Order Brings


I took my four-door Ford Fordor
To Mordor
To deliver a priority order
They said in the instructions
‘Ring before calling – priority’
I wasn’t at all in earnest of the surety of payment
But, in total sobriety I thought
That it would add to the variety
Show I was willing
And so set off, unaware that I would become the filling between the armies of Saruman on one white hand
and Sauron on the other.
Brother, it was an unexpected journey, and no mistake
A few wrong turns I did take
But, I took a few good companions along for the Craic
So, all ended up well
Except for Borry
Who was pierced with worry
(And a few dozen arrows)
In that valley where the choice narrows.

All in all the journey there
(And back again)
Was a largely eventful one –
But, I don’t think it will be a regular delivery route.

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