Seven bread Limericks #bread


Bread Limerick #1

‘Bread’ you said, not potato or shed
And definitely not a hula-hoop made of lead;
A roll, or loaf
Sliced, buttered or both
And lightly toasted to give them street-cred?

Bread Limerick #2

“The torpedoes are ready, captain.”
“Thank you, number one.”

Although the men are quite happy with their stale Chelsea bun.”

“Just one bun between you;

That will never do;

It’s not by eating a left over pastry that HMS Breadnought will ever beat the Hun.”
Upper-Crust Bread Limerick #3

Use your loaf and toast the queen
If you’re well bred and voted Green
Though if your ‘bread’ is green
It’s probably a has-been
And, well, not that fit for a queen.

Bread Limerick #4

Bread and Bunjolina went to the bakery one day
To pit their wits against the baker with his wares upon his tray
They tried the most; they tried the least
They rose to the occasion like a loaf hosting yeast
But, even though the baker won, they all had jolie good fun anyway.

Bread Limerick #5

Sliced thin or thick
With butter to lick
Brown, white
Take a bite
Lovely indeed; does the trick.

Bread Limerick #6

I won’t mention bread in this rhyme
I mentioned it some other time
Crumbs are okay
But, I’d just like to say
I won’t be committing ‘that’ crime.
Limerick du pain #sept (parlé avec un accent Français, si vous plaît).

There once was a baker named Ablur
Who could bake his bread formidable
In Marseille he bakéd
Though his accent was fakéd
His was the bread you’d want served sur votre tablé

2 responses to “Seven bread Limericks #bread

  1. none of those follow the limerick scan.

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