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A Life for a Life
Like for Like
Was the exchange
And true to life
The new one was lifelike
Like life itself.

Because Life’s Like that.

#NaPoWriMo 2016 – April 1st-31st approaches


#NaPoWriMo – April 1st-31st, 2016 approaches

Soon it will be the first of April
And I feel such a fool
I will try and write with skill
But, I’m just a numb tool
What for the month?
What shall I do?
I know it’s all poetry
But, I haven’t a clue.
Words! Words?
With spaces between?
And a soupçon of punctuation
Punctually placed do you mean?
May trickle and falter;
I will write one solitary word
And ‘that’ I’ll have to alter
It won’t be the write word
Not right at all
Did I mention
That I’m an April Rite Fool?
On paper I have a foolproof plan
To write every day in April’s month – A sort of poetry flan
But, when it comes to practicing what I preach
I might have to learn a lesson that may be out of reach.
Rhymes, times thirty-one
How shall I structure the days?
Let me count the ways:
In couplets, like nut cutlets?
Haiku? Or in a Limerick’s five-line fun?
Sonnets, seriously severe?
Or in Badriomaku, whose form is quite unclear?
Sestina or Haibun?
Villanelle or Pantoum?
There are more variations than elephants in this room.
Perhaps I should just choose one every April day
And just write poems in that format…
What do you say?

Try Gnome Try!


Round and round in squares they ran
Just like they had read in the current community circular
Three-sided arguments were the order of the day
And given the third degree
They would have gotten into a right tangle.
“Discus this!” they cried
Throwing their sixpennyworth into the ring.
The jury was slow to come round eventually they passed judgment
They were cornered
Everybody’s facets were glazed and hyped beyond the news
Was a tanned gent.

“Guilty!” Was the verdict.

They were sent down.
For a long time
Many, many years
And more
Which was…
Well, you do the maths.

Holiday Acrostic


Holidays are great
Obviously we hate it when they are over
Late-rising becomes a thing of the past
Industry or school or plain old being are the rule
Days dragon, flying they were.
Aardvarks never killed anybody (that I know)
Yesterday we had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sun (well, we would have done… if it hadn’t poured down from dusk till dawn till dusk) which left us all forlorn.

Robinson Crusoe


Aka The reason why I try and get my week’s work done by Thursday

When I consider that that it is safe to do so
I often dress up as the literary character Robinson Crusoe.
This I do when I am ‘not’ driving;
Neither do I do so when I’m deep-sea diving
(As it could be very dangerous)
And I do have to do this before the weekend
However, I am often rather busy at the start of the week
So, I try and get all my work done by…

And if I’m lucky I land on my feet
And if I feel all at sea, is land far away from me

Loving Vincent

Have you seen this? I think it is amazing. Just wanted to let you know. Grae:)

If you see me walking down the street…

Home Alone

If you see me walking down the street
It means that I’m still alive
And you are not blind
Unless, with your poor eyesight,
You have mistaken somebody else for me
In which case…
I might be dead!
Unless I am actually here now
Reading this out to you
In which case I am most definitely ‘not’
‘Dead’ that is!
However, if you are reading this as it has been written down…
I may be
‘Dead’ that is!
Or if it is now the year 2070 (or thereabouts)
When I probably won’t be still writing this sort of ‘ripe troubish’
(Which is a cross between tripe and rubbish)
And I will probably be pushing up some daisies somewhere
(Which is not a career choice you are advised of at school).