Thursday – again!


“It should read ‘I ❤️ Day Toast’ “

Yes, viewers, it is Thursday once more. I don’t know why; but, it just keeps on coming around again, and again. Not satisfied with never knowing what the weather is going to be or not to be, we have this never-ending succession of days – and only the seven to choose from – and yet, we have no choice! Every day is in exactly the same place every week. How can this be natural? I don’t believe that we can’t find some new names for the days of the week (and possibly lose the ‘week’ thing altogether!) how about as from tomorrow we have ‘day Azimuth’, then the day after that ‘day Bidet’ followed by ‘day Canteloupé’ and when we get to ‘day Zoology’ we could go backwards to A (otherwise we would just be in a rotational 26-day sequence, and where’s the fun in that!)

Anyway, as I was saying, just before I stopped saying it, which was just now, you remember, it is Thursday – and there is nothing that we can do about it. So enjoy it as best you can because tomorrow is another day…


… I just can’t remember which one it is though…




NB a stream-of-consciousness rant of sorts on ‘Thursday’ – for you – it had to be done.

One response to “Thursday – again!

  1. sometimes I don’t remember which day it is today 🙂 I don’t interest actually with the days, or week, or date… Have a nice day dear G, Thanks and Love, nia

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