You are my simile


You are my Simile

You are like the sun on a rainy day

You are like the flowers in the month of May

You are like the birds singing in the dawn

You are like the tyres on my car;
Partially worn; but, still good for another twenty thousand miles, or so.

You are my simile

And I liken you a lot.


10 responses to “You are my simile

  1. Just had to get a post under my belt and a view or two, a possible like and maybe even a comment – as the year so far was looking pretty bleak. G:)

  2. Love it! Happy new year!!

  3. The above poem is also almost available in song form – when we get around to recording it. G:)

  4. I licked you, too! xxx

  5. Reblogged this on moonworld and commented:
    Awwww bless… he likens me šŸ™‚

  6. Very sweet šŸ™‚

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