An Aprés-Christmas Walk in the New Forest with Vega and Haiku



Walking in the forest
On a cold mid-winter’s day
Trudging through the undergrowth
Merrily on our way

With nary a soul to cross our path
And the silence of here around us
We trek along an unmapped route
That circumstance has found us.

Underfoot the ground is soft
And, in places, barely stable
And so ‘take care’ we must
To travel where ’tis able.

Soon, covered in mud up to the knees,
We settle to a rhythm
And through the glades
And wintry shades
We find a restful peace within them.

Aside us, a tree creaks
And we consider a falling
Though not today
With us in the way
It’s not our time for calling.

So, the world outside
Can run and hide
And we don’t seek to find it;
We’re happy here
With air so clear
And soon we are lost to mind it.

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