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Beep! Beep! Beep!


We jump to the sound of the message
The call of the phone –
To prove that we exist?

We seek reassurance
That our lives are worthy
And that we are not treading paths
Paved with insignificance.

Where I live


I live in the shadow of the church;
I hope it doesn’t fall down,
As that would leave me in the lurch

And probably my parrot, Polly, too; and she would not be a happy parrot at all;
And, if I was lucky,and it did not fall my way,
And my house wasn’t broke;
Then, without it’s shadow I may just get sunstroke…

But for now, I live in the shadow of the church
And Polly is happy upon her perch.


A little clarity often helps


I confused a man today. It wasn’t the first time he’s been confused; he said he’d been confused before – so it wasn’t my fault.

I explained very clearly what had happened; what was happening; what may happen in the future; and, what might happen if certain happenings ‘happened’.

He wasn’t crying when I got there.

Some people can get quite emotional when they are faced with the possible realities of real possibilities.

I can say that I don’t confuse everybody. Some people are in a default mode of ‘ready to be confused’ and I just push them over the edge.

I hope that is clear.

If not, I can explain it to you in more detail.

It’s no problem.



A Rhyme to Help You Remember How Many Days are in the Months.


A Rhyme to Help You Remember How Many Days are in the Months.

Many days hath November
All the rest have many days, too
I hope this rhyme
Will help you to remember
How many.
But, I don’t think it will –
Do you?



Oh, My God!
Haven’t you heard
A single word
That I’ve been saying?
Whilst I was praying?
That’s absurd!
You saying you just weren’t listening…
You’re omnipotent!
Every where at once
And always.
That’s what your best-seller says.
Is it wrong?
Is your Bible libellous?

A Symbolic Chain of Love to be spread Out There

Peace and love, understanding and kindness. Share good things not bad. G:)

Les Petits Pas de Juls

Inspired by Erika Kind right after last week’s events in Paris, France.

I need to believe.  I need to trust.  I need to know I’m not the only one living in a beautiful world.

Please share the picture.

Let’s hold hands virtually for now, but also out there, extend our hands to our neighbors, to our friends, to our family, to strangers in need, to strangers not in need, to the old, to the poor, to the refugees, to those who are scared, to those who are on the verge of not believing anymore, to those seeking our hands, to those sharing our values, to love.

Enjoy the Day and Be Awesome!

[Es]  Inspirado por Erika Kind justo después de los eventos en París, Francia, la semana pasada.

Necesito creer.  Necesito tener confianza.  Necesito saber que no soy la única viviendo en un mundo hermoso.

Por favor, comparten…

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The Nicholas Brothers

Watch Frayad and Harold Nicholas  in a scene from Stormy Weather and see just how amazingly good they were. I was just looking for a version of In The Mood and they flash-danced across the stage. Enjoy G:)

More about the Ning #3


The Ning is a thing
much like every other thing
but, different in every way
More than this;
About the Ning,
I really cannot say.

“You say you want a… what?”


You say you ‘want a revolution!’

But, I ask you, which one?
Glorious Revolution;
French Revolution;
Agricultural or industrial revolution?
“Those are all old hat!” you say.
“You want an old hat do you?”
You say you want a revolution; but, could you be a little bit more specific please?

Bad Poem Day (written by voice to text)


On the grumpy old man I am I
On my own if I can
I know moan if I Ken Ken
I’m a grumpy old man
I moan if I can
X it
Everything is rubbish I want to complain again and again and again on the grumpy old man eats what grumpy old men do its what
It only gets worse X it is rugby I’ll Polly I’m a grumpy old pallets
So I’m grumpy Jim is in my verse verse

What is a grumpy old man to do
When dribble and piddle and poo
Is all that a grumpy old man can do?



NB This is exactly as I recorded it from voice to text – when I looked at it today I knew that I had lost the original vibe for a sensible (ish)  poem and felt that this was just what was needed today. G:)