When Words Collide (from a differing standpoint)


This is not the previous post. G:)

When two words collide
They have usually begun with a divide;
Then a closer attraction causes a hyphenation;
Which is often
(But not always)
a temporary situation;
Then, when dehyphenation occurs,
The divide between them blurs
And is lost…
How does ‘night time’
Become ‘nighttime’
Was there ever a ‘night-time’
For a time?
And will that second ‘t’
Of ‘nighttime’
Become a thing of history?
Or will the first ‘t’
The first
If ‘you’ know
Please let me know, too –
And if you are convincing enough
I shall consider ‘you’
The ‘go to’ person to go to…
Or to ‘go-to’
Or to

Thank you


2 responses to “When Words Collide (from a differing standpoint)

  1. You are amazing 🙂 This is exactly helps my language problem!!!! Thank you for this confuse. Love, nia

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