Mince Pie Time?


“Where is my mince pie?”
Said the slightly hungry man.
“I really might like a bite!”
He had, if the truth were known,
Just eaten a huge flan.
“With custard and cream…
and a spoon – I would like it soon.”
He paused, awaiting the delicious treat… a filling sweet
But, nothing arrived before his place
And the smile of anticipation
Fell from his face.
“You make lovely mince pies!”
He called with a grin.
A silence then, did begin…
Which was only broken
By his whispered addendum:

He considered the idea that he was destined to be disappointed –
Just in case that turned out to be the case –
So, that he wouldn’t be ‘that’ disappointed if it did.
He wasn’t.

5 responses to “Mince Pie Time?

  1. They’re in the oven, darling. Ready in ten minutes 🙂 x

  2. … 🙂 I haven’t tasted it before… I am hungry now. What happened to them 🙂 maybe someone ate them all… Thanks and Love, nia

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