La Cucaracha vs La Cochinilla


It was a good idea – I thought – to name my new restaurant La Cucaracha; the song was bound to be an earworm in the advertising stakes; it seemed to me to be an absolute winner.


Then somebody asked me what a ‘Cucaracha’ was.


I had no idea. A quick search online with one of those steam engine searchamegigs

and the sad truth was realised: you can’t call a restaurant ‘The Cockroach!’ It would be a disaster. So that plan was dropped.

we ended up calling it La Cochinilla; which is something red, I think.



2 responses to “La Cucaracha vs La Cochinilla

  1. la cochinilla is also a term used for the pigs, or also used to call a girl who sleeps with a lot of guys “cochinilla”, it sort of would be like in English saying
    “you dirty sl..t”. So don´t call the restaurant cochinilla! You could offend female customers

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