In a future…


I wondered loudly as a clone
With my others – I am never alone
We are all sisters, brothers,
Though, as we are walking, talking computers,
We have no gender
We are neuters.
But, we do have an agenda
(That is the closest that we come to making a joke – laugh!)

I am 3 of 8
You can call me 3 of 8
Or Master.

5 responses to “In a future…

  1. It’s 12:50 a.m. where I am. Now I must keep reading so this will not be the last thing in my head before I retire for the night. Thanks a bunch, G. lol πŸ™‚

  2. I think I can’t stand to see the world like that in the future… Maybe I am old mind… πŸ™‚ You expressed so nicely… Thanks and Love, nia

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