A Tree?


Photo GRS 26-11-2015

It’s just a photograph

of a tree

taken by me.

nothing more

except I took it as ‘noir’

i don’t know

what for

but, I like that I did so.


it’s only a tree

but, it’s eerie like this

you see;

and the nights are getting darker, too


what does this picture do for you?


4 responses to “A Tree?

  1. You know me I am crazy with cats and then with birds and then with trees… So it can’t be for me just a tree 🙂 I can see many things… I love B&W photography, it is much more impressive than colours… Of course the darkness in the photograph gives the ambience or the mood of the moment… but tree standing as a poet of night 🙂 Thank you dear G, love, nia

  2. This tree to me means many things
    Its branches, leaves and tree trunk rings
    For we have sat beneath its shade
    Where plans for futures we have made
    This tree, for me, brings memories
    My favourite of all the trees
    And in the Spring we’ll sit again
    And talk, and plan, but until then
    We’ll say goodnight to hues of green
    See beauty in the Winter scene
    When boughs will bow to frost-white snow
    And robins perch to say, “Hello.”
    🙂 x

  3. What it does for me? Doesn´t make give me a cushy cushy feeling to go and sleep.
    Great photo by the way

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